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1 Review on “The Device Medics in Hot Springs, Arkansas”

  • Matthew H

    3 months ago

    – check Google, Yellow pages, and other review sites as well. These guys have been exposed for a long time. Not sure how they’re still here.

    Never thought I’d say this, but I’d give negative stars if I could. I don’t even know where to begin… Let’s start with the first visit, when I forgot to get my receipt, but they wouldn’t give me a receipt until another gentleman left the store. The younger kid working for Paul says, “Sorry, we had to wait for that gentleman to leave because he paid alot more for his phone than you did.” Paul hears the kid say that, then boasts from the back trying to cover the kid’s tracks with excuses about credit card payment versus cash payment.

    That’s not what the kid was saying. The kid was saying that they charge different prices for different people, depending on what they can get away with on a per-person basis.

    Supposedly, I got the good deal. However, after checking online realized even I had just paid $275 plus tax for a Mi A3 from China that only costs $145 online.

    My old phone had been hacked (unlocked Motorola E6 from Wal-Mart). The agreement was to data reset my old phone and write a short letter describing the capabilities of the spyware that was on the phone. He assured me it would be just a week. I let him know it would be okay to keep the phone for even 2 weeks or so, in case he was busy.

    After 1 week, stopped by and it wasn’t done. Kindly remained patient and said that’s fine, would it be done next week? He said yes.

    Week 2, stopped by again and got excuse after excuse, and several belittling remarks about how other work was more important. However, he had nobody in the building and neither were doing anything but standing around and chatting. Still, I again kindly let him know it was fine and asked if it would be ready the next week. He said yes.

    Week 3, called in this time, instead of driving all the way from Hot Springs Village again. Paul answered the phone and immediately starts apologizing and making excuses. Says he would finish the work that same day, otherwise he would still complete the work soon and it would be free of charge.

    Week 4, called in again. Paul answers the phone and says that he had a seizure 3 days prior and shut down the business for 3 days. However, that’s still 3 days after he said it would be free if it wasn’t completed that same day.

    Kept speaking over me and would barely let me ask a question, very aggressive. On every visit actually, Paul and the kid were both very hyperactive and ADHD-esque, and neither let you get a word in edgewise. They just assume they know everything without any significant consultation.

    I just told him, look, you said you were already 85% done writing the paper 2 weeks ago, so just data reset the phone and my friend will pick it up at 3pm, and you can continue writing the paper since you already know what’s on the phone. He agreed.

    3pm same day, my friend calls me and says he still didn’t reset the phone (should take approx. 10-20 mins even with a complete wipe and reinstalling the OS, something I’ve had done before at Best Buy Geek Squad).

    At this point I’m done with their mind games, smart remarks, hyperactivity, speaking over people, lies and unethical practices. So, I called him back, the kid answered and said Paul was too busy. I asked why Paul gave his word, and kept breaking it repeatedly, wasting my time and the time of the my friend – and wasting our gas money – when it only takes a couple minutes to do the data reset? They kid, in usual form, constantly interrupts and started saying they have more important things to do – that they have 6 phones on front of them for other people. Now, I’ve already spent over $300 and Paul gave his word, again, that morning to be ready by 3pm.

    I asked him, have everyone’s phones been there a month with Paul’s word on the line? The kid says yes. I tried to explain that’s highly unethical, but they cut me off and I can hear Paul from the background yelling. Paul gets on the phone and angrily says, “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!” I said, well “I can make as many reviews as I need.” He said, ” Go ahead!” and hung up on me…so here we are. I’ll be copying and pasting this review on all social media and to the BBB.

    Needless to say, I’m getting my old phone back and moving on. I do not recommend this business as they are highly unethical, rude and rip you off financially at every angle. I feel sorry for people who show up there unwittingly without some base of electronic knowledge and research.

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