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Types Of Customer Service

Here is an analogy, if you are a person who likes jigsaw puzzles, you would know that each puzzle piece would come in a similar size, but it would differ when it comes to shape and color as well. You can also follow various tactics which you can use to solve the puzzles. Whether it would be the right one depends on all kinds of different factors just like total pieces of numbers, images, sizes and color contrasts as well. Solving jigsaw puzzles would reflect the most significant challenges when it comes to today’s customer service.

Well, first of all, all customers are indeed different. They also vary in experience, expertise and expectations as well. You should also know that no customer service would be identical, and no customer would also be the same.
One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that, as a customer service executive, you should never lose your cool on any customer who has called you. You should talk to them with respect even if they are annoying you. All customers are different; you should know that some customers would be mean to you, some would be really nice to you. You should be someone who handles all of the kind of customers in a nice way because, as a customer service representative, you would be representing your company.

You should learn all about analyzing all of your customer’s problems because you should take time. Sometimes, you will undoubtedly need time to analyze their problems and then give them solutions. Customers should experience fast service, and you should decide the channel of communication with your customers, and you should also do it efficiently.

Here are some types of customer services that your company should offer.

• They should be offering customer services by phone. You should also make sure that your lines are clear and that the customers who have called you are able to hear you properly without any hassle or issues.
• Customers should also be able to reach you by mail, when it comes to queries about their tech. Your company must have agents that are available to them no matter what. The responses that they should get will always be the deciding factor when it comes to whether they will stick with you or not.
• There should always an on-site customer service agent who will help the customers.
• A social media customer service agent should be trained when it comes to all the secrets of social media. The customers will indeed have a good time dealing with such people who have trained because they will know what they are doing and also because most of us are active on social media.

Tech Support Features That Consumers Will Indeed Demand

Because of the advancement of technologies, we should not have to wait on the phone for half an hour or even try to decipher the support instructions from a rep who cannot even speak English, just because you have to solve your tech issue. Tech support is indeed really important because when you buy a product, you will have to have great tech support which will be there for you no matter what. Most companies actually offer 24/7 tech support because they have understood that it is one of the most important parts of a company.

A bad tech support call can feel like one endless session with someone you do not like, except your dentist or that person will not continuously keep putting you on hold whenever you ask them a question that they do not want to answer. When they do that, you will have to listen to some bad music. Most of us will indeed dread making those calls because we have actually had such a bad time, but you should know that there are few companies that do indeed do customer service properly. You should know which companies have good customer service and you should also know which will be of good service to you no matter what.

I will actually give you an example. I actually used to have an iPhone X, and it actually fell down and shattered. I felt as broken as the glass because I really care about my devices and take care of them with a lot of passion. Well, I did contact the customer services for Apple Inc, and to my delight, they were actually really responsive, and they really did help me out.

I was put on hold for literally just 10 seconds, and I was diverted to another representative who dealt with repairs. They even gave me an appointment the very next day in the nearest Apple Store, near my house. So when I went there, I was greeted, and my iPhone was literally fixed in a matter of days. I was even given a loaner when my phone was in the store. When I saw such amazing customer service, I realized there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are a company. Here they are.

  • You should always be available for your customers.
  • Make sure that you have a call-back system.
  • Your support staff should all be fluent in English, a language that most people know.
  • You should never get stuck on a script.
  • You can use screen sharing.
  • You should make it easy for them to find your number.



Some Must Have Features In A Customer Support System

The very harsh reality when it comes to today’s business organizations is that it would indeed take so many months to find a customer who would be loyal to you and an even harsher truth is that it would just take a few seconds to lose a customer. As a company, you should consider that every single customer is important and you should actually do everything that you can to retain all the customers, as much as possible. In such an age on instant gratification, nobody would actually like to wait, and if you are a B2C brand, then this would indeed become an even bigger issue. Your customers will indeed pick a company which has good customer service, and the company that they are in business with will have to be available at the convenience of the customers.

It is the job of the company to make sure that they have the best customer service so that the company will retain all of their customers. You will also need to keep in mind that customers will only stay if they have a good reason to stay. You, as a company will have to give them a reason to stay with you. The right customer service is the kinds of thing that will make the customers remain loyal to you. If you have a great customer service in place, you can actually be changing the game when it comes to outshining your competitors by giving them some seamless customer service.

It is no longer limited to the walls of the customer services department anymore. Customers are now re-writing the rules of customer support. Brands must actually now understand that customer service is no longer just a department; it should actually be everyone’s job. All the organizations that are in the marker of serving customers must keep in mind that pleasing the customers must be their top priority.

  • They must have an Omni-channel communication support. They must be able to opt for any communication medium like phone, email and even social media like online chat in order to seek support from your organization.
  • There should also be a live chat support process that will indeed give the customers very fast replies because no one likes waiting. The live chat feature should actually be must-needed. Organizations must implement the FAQ so that it could answer some questions that do not require the live-chat feature.
  • There must also be a self-service portal. Customers sometimes prefer to be less dependent on the companies for finding all the answers to the product or service-related issues.
  • It would be great if you had a robust mobile app which works.


Top 5 Business Benefits of Server Virtualization

Top 5 Business Benefits of Server Virtualization

Top 5 Business Benefits of Server Virtualization

  • Decreased Hardware Costs

It is said that people hypothetically just utilize 10% of their mind direction; the vast majority of the servers in a carefully physical condition are intensely under-used, utilizing an expected 5-15% of their ability. When you actualize a virtualized server/distributed computing approach, equipment usage is expanded on the grounds that one physical server would now be able to hold various virtual machines. Applications never again need their very own server on the grounds that each virtual machine on the physical server presently runs them. In 2011, IDC revealed a 40% decrease in equipment and programming costs for IT offices that received a server virtualization procedure.

  • Quicker Server Provisioning and Deployment

Server virtualization empowers framework provisioning and arrangement inside minutes, enabling you to clone a current virtual machine without the hours and costs regularly spent introducing another physical server. Organizations with virtual conditions as of now think back and wince at the tiring procedure of dispatching out a buy request, trusting that the server will arrive and afterward hanging tight hours for the working framework and applications to get done with introducing.

Time and cost include generously, also the developing number of racks and links you would need to buy to suit for the expanding number of physical servers. Datacenter virtualization is unquestionably essential for most organizations to stay aware of the blast of information assets expected to keep pace with contenders.

New suggestion to take action

  • Incredibly Improved Disaster Recovery

Maybe the best advantage of server virtualization is the capacity to move a virtual machine starting with one server then onto the next rapidly and securely. Sponsorship up basic information is done rapidly and viably in light of the fact that your organization can easily make a replication site. Most endeavor virtualization stages contain programming that computerizes the failover during a debacle. The product additionally enables you to test a debacle recuperation failover—consider it your server farm’s own emergency exit plan. In the event that a server farm debacle happens, your framework is now set up to take proper measures for a quick and safe recuperation. Take a stab at accomplishing that with varieties of physical servers—well that is a genuine fiasco.

  • Huge Energy Cost Savings

Among other server virtualization benefits, the movement of physical servers to virtual machines enables you to combine them onto less physical servers. The outcome? Cooling and power expenses are altogether diminished, which means not exclusively will you be “practicing environmental safety,” however you will likewise have progressively green to spend somewhere else. As indicated by VMware, server combination decreases vitality costs by up to 80%. Another major in addition to is the capacity to shut down servers without influencing applications or clients.

  • Expanded Productivity

Having less physical servers implies there are less of them to keep up and oversee. As examined in advantage #2, applications that used to take days or weeks to arrangement are currently done in minutes. This leaves your IT staff more opportunity to spend on progressively gainful errands, for example, driving new business activities, cutting costs and raising income.

Server virtualization brings positive changes, for example, decreased equipment costs, improved server provisioning and sending, better calamity recuperation arrangements, effective and monetary utilization of vitality, and expanded staff efficiency. In any case, it might appear to be an overwhelming assignment to move to a virtual framework, and without legitimate skill it very well may be!

The Pros and Cons of Office 365 for Business

The Pros and Cons of Office 365 for Business

The Pros and Cons of Office 365 for Business

Work Anywhere

Probably the greatest preferred position of Office 365 is the capacity to work from anyplace as long as you have a web association. Since it’s completely cloud-based, you can get to your email, documents and Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) from any area and any gadget. In the event that you have an arrangement that incorporates work area rendition of Office, they can be introduced on up to 5 gadgets for every client.

This is particularly useful for organizations with remote representatives, numerous areas and organizations with workers who travel regularly.

Team up effectively

On the off chance that working in groups is at all a piece of your organization, you’ll value the joint effort highlights of Office 365. The greatest bit of leeway of this? You get one variant of reality.

Everybody who needs to add to or alter a record (or spreadsheet, or introduction, and so forth), can chip away at a similar form (and get constant changes) instead of having various adaptation coasting around that must be consolidated.

You can likewise share direct access to your records, instead of send documents as connections. This implies individuals can make changes to one document instead of having various duplicates. Forming is incorporated into case you have to go to back to a more established adaptation.

Continuously Have Access to the Latest Versions of Programs

With Office 365, you’ll likewise approach the most recent renditions of Office at no extra charge. You’ll get the best in class highlights without having to uninstall and reinstall Office on everybody’s machines. Furthermore, Microsoft is always making moves up to highlights crosswise over projects – you’ll gain admittance to those, as well. Check the Office Blog to get a thought of what sort of updates you get with an Office 365 arrangement.

Blend and Match Plans

There are a few diverse Office 365 marketable strategies accessible with various projects and highlights. Not every person in your organization is going to require precisely the same thing. You can blend and match designs so you don’t need to pay for more than you need. It’s quite simple to switch between plans, as well, on the off chance that you find that a representative needs pretty much than what they have now. You can look at a breakdown of the various plans here.

Membership Based Payment

Office 365 is a membership-based administration, which means you pay a low month to month charge (per client) as opposed to a huge singular amount in advance. This can be useful from an income viewpoint. Plans are normally paid month-to-month (however a few spots will do yearly memberships, once in a while for a markdown), so you mood killer what you’re not utilizing to set aside cash.

Security Features

Probably the greatest confusion about the Cloud is that it’s not protected. In all actuality, it isn’t really any pretty much safe than an on-premise framework. It’s all by they way you use it and what safety efforts you set up. Office 365 has a great deal of worked in security highlights to stay with your’s information safe. A portion of our top choices include:

Encoded email: This keeps anybody other than the expected beneficiary from perusing your email

Information Loss Prevention: This is a lot of strategies that checks and counteracts touchy data (like government disability numbers) from leaving your association by means of email. We’ve separated it somewhat more in this post.

Cell phone Management: These highlights enable you to control Office on your representatives telephones to secure organization data. On the off chance that a representative’s telephone is lost or stolen, it tends to be remotely cleaned to avoid any individual who shouldn’t approach from getting the chance to organization information.

Propelled Threat Analytics (ATA): ATA utilizes investigation and AI to recognize and caution you to suspicious conduct on your system. Our preferred piece of this? It will sweep out of this world into your system for malevolent connections and connections and on the off chance that it recognizes something fishy, it’ll keep the pernicious connection from getting in. Your representatives will in any case get the email, yet will get a message clarifying why the connection isn’t there. This can go far to anticipating an information break because of human blunder.

These positively aren’t all the security highlights accessible in Office 365 – only a little example. If you don’t mind note, these aren’t accessible on all plans. To have everybody in your association secured, you’ll have to get them all on plans that incorporate it or buy it as an extra.

Considering Office 365 for your business? Book an opportunity to converse with our Customer Success Manager to check whether Office 365 is directly for you.

Cons of Office 365

On the off chance that the web is down, you will most likely be unable to access work.

Since Office 365 is a cloud-based administration, on the off chance that you don’t have a web association, you will be unable to get to your documents. On the off chance that your organization has a problematic web association (or an extremely moderate one), it’s presumably not the best choice for you.

There are alternatives to defeat a portion of this in the event that you have a normal personal time. You won’t most likely access email, however you can match up your documents to your work area and use work area adaptations of Office programs (if your arrangement incorporates them).

Membership Based

Indeed, we’re putting this under the two advantages and disadvantages – for this, it truly comes down to inclination. In the event that you’d preferably simply spend an enormous entirety at regular intervals for your Office projects and server and not need to stress over it consistently, Office 365 won’t be an incredible choice for you. Yearly memberships could be a glad medium, however – regularly you can get a markdown for going this course.

Similarity with Line of Business Applications

The issue with continually approaching the most recent renditions of Office projects is that your line-of-business applications may not generally be good. On the off chance that you are on Office 365, however, you can utilize some more established forms of Office programs. Continuously ensure you check similarity with basic applications before overhauling Office (or Windows, or some other innovation it might interface with).

Can be difficult to stay aware of changing list of capabilities

The highlights in Office 365 do change decently often. On one hand, you generally approach the most recent and extraordinary variants. Then again, it tends to be difficult to keep up at times in the event that you utilize a portion of the lesser realized projects like Delve and Yammer.

Commonly, the progressions aren’t enormous, so it’s far-fetched any update will mean relearning the projects. Almost certain, you just won’t generally realize what the progressions are.

A great many people just utilize 20% of the usefulness

This isn’t generally a con of Office 365 itself, yet important. A dominant part of clients don’t utilize Office 365 furthering its full potential benefit. The vast majority utilize just Office 365 for email, document stockpiling and access to Office programs, despite the fact that it has quite a lot more to offer.

There unquestionably is nothing amiss with this – yet it might mean you’re paying for more than what you need. In the event that you do move to Office 365, it’s a smart thought to complete a gut check at regular intervals to perceive what parts are really being utilized. You might probably move a few representatives down to a less expensive arrangement to without losing usefulness.

Benefits of Office 365 for Business

Benefits of Office 365 for Business

Benefits of Office 365 for Business

  • Versatility

Office 365 gives you adaptability to scale your business rapidly as it can develop with you. Organizations can blend and match applications to make your own custom answer for every client or division, and it’s anything but difficult to include or evacuate clients by just including or wiping out licenses.

Since you can scale up as required, your group can keep on working with the devices they know about as you develop, you don’t need to change to another framework or adjust to new devices.


One of the principle advantages of Office 365 is the ability to work from anyplace as long as you have web availability.

Since it’s completely cloud-based, email, records and Office programs (counting Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so on.) can be gotten to from any area and any gadget. You can make, alter, and share from your PC, Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows gadget with anybody continuously.

This is especially useful for organizations with different areas, remote representatives or workers who travel frequently.


Do you have groups that work together on assignments, reports or introductions? At that point you’ll discover the cooperation highlights of Office 365 excessively useful.

Everybody who needs to add to or alter an archive (or spreadsheet, or introduction, and so forth.), can take a shot at a similar form (and get ongoing changes) as opposed to having numerous duplicates. Forming is additionally incorporated into case you have to go to back to a more seasoned adaptation.

Moreover, with multi-party HD video, shared schedules and group visit, colleagues will consistently be in a state of harmony.


Office 365 is consistently cutting-edge since it’s in the cloud, so you’ll approach the most recent renditions at no extra charge; Gone are the seasons of programming overhauls or fixes. Microsoft constantly includes new highlights and capacities, and you approach them when they are presented.

Similarity issues have likewise turned out to be terminated in light of the fact that all clients will utilize a similar variant.


Office 365 is a membership based administration, which means you pay a yearly or month to month expense per client. It dispenses with the huge in advance expenses for new programming; you’re basically renting versus purchasing. This likewise moves IT costs from money to working costs.

Albeit a few organizations pay yearly, most plans are generally paid month-to-month, which can be useful from an income point of view. You additionally have the opportunity to turn off administrations that you aren’t utilizing to cut expenses.


Since office keeps running in the cloud, you needn’t bother with servers for your site, messages or archive stockpiling. The cost reserve funds are generous; Removing nearby servers will lessen both vitality costs and the requirement for office space to store server equipment.

  • Establishment on up to 5 gadgets for every client

Multi-gadget utilization is ordinary these days; From utilizing a work area at the workplace, a PC while you travel, a tablet at home, and let face it, we’re all blameworthy of having a cell phone close by all day, every day. The magnificence of Office 365 is that records would now be able to be gotten to from any of these gadgets, and auto-synchronizing implies that the most present variant is consistently close by.

  • Blend and Match Plans

Office 365 has different marketable strategies, each with various highlights and projects. Every representative will have diverse specialized needs so being able to blend and match your arrangement will mean you don’t pay for more than you need.

Exchanging between plans is clear, so in the event that you have user(s) that need pretty much projects or highlights this should be possible easily.

  • Propelled Security Features

A typical misguided judgment about the cloud is that it’s not verify. Nonetheless, in all actuality, it isn’t really any pretty much safe than an on reason framework. It’s all by they way you use it and what safety efforts you set up.

Office 365 has a great deal of worked in security highlights to stay with your’s information safe. Some of most striking include:

Message Encryption: This component enables you to send scrambled email, halting anybody other than the proposed beneficiary from perusing the substance of your email. Encryption works regardless of which email administration the beneficiary employments.

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA): ATA utilizes investigation and AI to identify and caution you to suspicious movement straight away.

ATA has worked in knowledge to learn, break down, and distinguish typical and suspicious clients or gadgets, keeping you refreshed continuously.

As a major aspect of this element, messages are checked for malignant connections and connections as they hit your system. In the event that it identifies something dodgy, it’ll prevent the malignant connection from getting in. The beneficiary will in any case get the email, yet will get a message clarifying why the connection isn’t there.

Mobile Device Management: This element encourages you secure and oversee Office on representatives’ cell phones to ensure privately owned business data. You can make and oversee gadget security approaches, remotely wipe a gadget, and view nitty gritty gadget reports.

Data Loss Prevention: This screens messages and keeps touchy data from leaving your association.

Whenever empowered, all messages to and from an association are checked for data, for example, Visa, identification or government disability numbers.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has actualized default settings, regardless you can choose how to manage a message once an email is esteemed rebellious with your Data Loss Prevention approaches; for instance, not sending the message, CC’ing the executives, or a notice to the representative plotting the email may contain touchy substance, and so forth.

  • Improved Email Capabilities

Office 365 clients approach the most recent highlights on Outlook, which has a wide scope of great email abilities. Here’s our top choices…

Boomerang: If you utilize your inbox as a plan for the day, the Boomerang highlight will be important. Going about as a nap catch your email, it moves messages to a capacity envelope and brings it once more into your inbox at once you need it. Boomerang additionally gives you a chance to send messages at various occasions, it likewise has beneficiary answer notices, and improved booking highlights through your Outlook schedule.

Focused Inbox and Clutter: The ‘centered inbox’ include naturally puts what it decides are your most applicable messages into one envelope and the rest into another organizer. You additionally have ‘mess’, which naturally de-jumbles your inbox dependent on your inclinations.

Time Zone Management: If you battle to oversee gatherings crosswise over time zones, you can now arrangement occasion begin times and end times crosswise over various areas. You can likewise show distinctive time zones in the schedule perspective on Outlook.

7 Tips for Making the Most of Office 365 for Enterprise

7 Tips for Making the Most of Office 365 for Enterprise

Tips for Making the Most of Office 365


Extend the communitarian intensity of Microsoft Office 365 for your end clients by utilizing Microsoft Teams to empower further sharing and joint effort on documents. Never again will appropriated groups need to pass archives forward and backward physically — Teams makes it simple to work together on the web, flawlessly. To help your end clients realize what they have to do, read the preparation articles.


In the event that you have to computerize tedious assignments or get extra capacities, not in the Office 365 administrator focus, PowerShell for Office 365 can help. Specifically, you can utilize PowerShell for Office 365 in numerous regular managerial use cases, for example, adding licenses to client accounts, designing client account properties, and the sky is the limit from there. Figure out how here.


The OneDrive application was created by Microsoft for cell phones. It empowers you and your end clients keep everything from work and individual life in one, secure spot, empowering access to two mists (OneDrive and OneDrive for Business) from one application. You and your end clients can peruse, offer, and erase documents legitimately inside the application. Have your end clients see the assets connected here to find out additional.

Spreading over Backup for Office 365


With Office 365, there’s no requirement for your IT groups to invest energy introducing updates and fixes – these are slipstreamed in as Microsoft discharges them. You can utilize that opportunity to expand client appropriation with preparing and apparatuses structured explicitly for end clients.

Here are only a couple of the end client preparing accessible for nothing from Microsoft:

  • Anyplace access and record offering to OneDrive for Business
  • Work together with Team Content Using Sharepoint Online
  • Accomplish More Together with Microsoft Teams

Client reception is the way to big business accomplishment with Office 365, and Microsoft makes it simple to get every one of your clients ready — more end client preparing is accessible for nothing here.


What number of your authorized clients really utilize OneDrive for Business — and in the event that they don’t, is it an opportunity to reassign their permit? Action Reports in the Office 365 Admin Center can enable you to recognize who may require extra preparing, whose permit could be reassigned, and even whose letter drop may profit by a thin down and cleanse of very enormous connections. See here for the reports you can use to more readily deal with your clients and your Office 365 applications.


The Office 365 administrator preparing and instructional exercises gateway is a goldmine of straightforward preparing assets to help administrators and their groups take full advantage of Office 365.

There are assets to help get you and your partners in agreement with respect to cloud applications like Office 365, arrangement and organization, and the sky is the limit from there. When you’ve experienced Microsoft’s preparation, you’re prepared for the following stage — preparing in how to secure your Microsoft Office 365 records, mail, and more from misfortune.


Microsoft rambles about repetition and information reinforcements — and the facts confirm that it’s profoundly improbable for you to lose information because of any issues like datacenter disappointments, common or synthetic fiascos, or issues with the Office 365 foundation overall. In any case, shockingly, by far most of information misfortune has nothing to do with whatever occurs on Microsoft’s finish of the condition.

Most information misfortune occurs on the client’s (your) side because of human mistake — like when a representative incidentally erases a record — or an adjust blunder, or through pernicious plan, such as hacking or disappointed worker movement. Ransomware is another hazard for Office 365 information — read here how InZone Industries looked for a superior method to ensure their information after a ransomware assault.

In all actuality, when information is consequently or physically cleansed from your reuse canister, or bolted up by ransomware, that information is accepted gone, leaving your business powerless against rebelliousness and slips by in efficiency, also benefit misfortune.

10 Tips for Basic Computer Maintenance & Security

10 Tips for Basic Computer Maintenance & Security

10 Tips for Basic Computer Maintenance & Security

  • Updates

Ensure your PC working framework and programming is modern. Most PC working frameworks have safety efforts implicit so updates will regularly incorporate enhancements to your PC’s security, just as bug fixes for your working framework. Keeping awake to date ensures that your PC and information are altogether shielded from both cybersecurity dangers and framework issues.

  • Plate Space

Watch out for your plate space. In the event that your PC’s hard circle turns out to be full, programming will quit working. You can free up space by evacuating undesirable projects and erasing records you never again need. In the event that you are utilizing Windows 7, make a point to wipe out your transitory records consistently. You can do this by utilizing the Disk Cleanup apparatus. Ensure the case marked Temporary Files is checked.

  • Back Up

Have a decent reinforcement just as numerous reinforcements! Buy two or three outside hard drives for sponsorship up your PC. On a Mac, the Time Machine program will naturally back up your PC insofar as the reinforcement drive is connected.

You can do something very similar on your PC utilizing Windows Backup. In the event that something happens to your PC, you can utilize the hard drives to recuperate your information and even transfer the information into another PC if necessary. It additionally is a smart thought to investigate cloud reinforcement administrations. You can never have such a large number of reinforcements.

  • Ventilation

Ensure where you place your PC (workstation or work area) has appropriate ventilation. Cooling is critical for the inner segments and a spotless PC will build the future. Quite possibly your PC is extremely dusty. Cleaning the openings and console with packed air should free up a portion of the residue and take into account better cooling. On the off chance that you are utilizing a work area you can evacuate the side of the PC and use pack air to victory the rest of the residue. The PC must be unplugged preceding expelling the side and it is encouraged to go outdoors to victory the residue.

  • AntiVirus

It is critical to have a decent antivirus that outputs consistently. New infections are springing up constantly so filtering consistently keeps your PC running appropriately and its information safe.

  • Safe Browsing

Ensure the site you are going to is solid and be cautious when putting in URLs into your program, particularly when shopping on the web. Missing one character could send you somewhere that could bargain your information or to a webpage with substance that is “Not Safe For Work.” Always buy things at a notable legitimate site. Try not to purchase things from an organization you have never known about. Data fraud is truly elevated nowadays and purchasing something at a spot you never knew about could conceivably prompt wholesale fraud. Additionally, when you see an arrangement on the web that is unrealistic, it by and large is.

  • Solid Passwords

We can’t pressure the significance of having a safe secret key. Utilize solid passwords (10+ characters in addition to unpredictability) and don’t reuse them in various spots. Make certain to change your passwords normally and keep them in a sheltered spot. For more data on solid secret key security, look at our article on Password Hacking Methods and the Importance of Password Security.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

Utilize Two-factor confirmation where capable. Authenticators create one-time codes that are just accessible from your enlisted gadget. This avoids individuals who are not you from signing into your record, regardless of whether they have your secret key.

  • Screen Finanicals

Screen your money related records normally! On the off chance that there is a suspicious charge or obscure action, don’t hold on to research!

  • Know about Phishing

Watch out for phishing messages! They come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors! Be aware of any messages that request your accreditations, individual data, or to make a type of move (click here, download this, and so forth.).

11 Essential Computer Maintenance Tips & Checklist for Longer Device Life

11 Essential Computer Maintenance Tips & Checklist for Longer Device Life

Computer Maintenance Tips

Well-Maintained Devices Live Longer

Upkeep offers the best of the two universes. It’s far less expensive than swapping wore out gadgets for new or utilized substitutions, and it puts off the troublesome change starting with one machine then onto the next. Well-kept up gadgets a years ago longer than abused reciprocals, supporting smooth individual and expert use examples and keeping a greater amount of your well deserved cash in your wallet en route.

These electronic gadget support tips are altogether well inside the capacities of the run of the mill non-master PC client. Some are custom fitted to work areas and PCs. Others apply to a more extensive scope of gadgets. Most are best done on a common premise. Also, none require extreme ventures of time, exertion, or cash.

PC Maintenance Tips – Physical and Environmental

These tips spread your gadgets’ physical lodging and frill, and the conditions where you store and work them.

  • Keep the Keyboard, Mouse, and Openings Clean

Begin with the simple stuff: keeping your gadget’s embellishments and openings clean.

A grimy console will in the end quit working appropriately. Likewise for a messy mouse. A substitution console costs generally $20 new, so supplanting yours won’t destroy you, yet that cash could totally be spent on better things.

To clean your console’s increasingly available surfaces, utilize a sodden, build up free fabric. Try not to splash water legitimately onto the console or enable water to pool anyplace on it – this will just compound the situation. Utilize a similar way to deal with clean your mouse’s available surfaces.

To clean more diligently to-achieve portions of your console and mouse, for example, the mouse’s optical opening and the spaces underneath the keys, utilize a compacted air canister. You can get one for $5 or $6 on the web or in your neighborhood tool shop.

Try not to disregard PC and work area ports and cleft either. Dusty or molecule obstructed ports diminish wind current into and out of the gadget, expanding the danger of overheating. In case you’re inclined to overlooking little errands like this, set a common schedule update each month.

Keep Computer Clean

  • Delicately Clean Your Monitor

Your screen may appear to be strong enough, however it’s similarly as defenseless against residue and flotsam and jetsam as your console and ports. Residue it occasionally with a microfiber material. Expel harder stains with LCD screen cleaner, which should cost you close to $6 to $10 per can.

  • Ward off Food and Beverages From Desktops and Laptops

Rehash after me: Don’t eat or drink over your work area or workstation!

More difficult than one might expect when you’re working through your mid-day break or marathon watching your preferred show with a bowl of frozen yogurt, obviously. Yet, think about the results: A solitary spill is sufficient to devastate a console, and a high-volume dump could infiltrate the gadget’s packaging and unleash destruction on its inside segments.

After rashly KOing two consoles in fast progression, I founded another standard in my family unit: only water on a similar surface as my workstation. It is difficult, yet so far I’ve figured out how to hold quick. I very prescribe you do likewise.

  • Arrange Cords and Other e-Debris

On the off chance that you have a functioning home office arrangement, it most likely highlights a wreck of lines, electrical extensions, and irregular embellishments on the floors and working surfaces.

This chaos is unattractive and awkward at least. On the off chance that you have little kids or pets, it might well present an electric shock hazard. Contingent upon how stacked up your electrical extensions and outlets are, you could have a flame danger on your hands. Furthermore, scattered strings are increasingly helpless against harm, which means higher long haul possession costs.

Fixing this is simple. To begin with, purchase an additional electrical extension or two – you can get a 2-pack of 6-outlet strips for under $12 on Amazon. At that point, secure some wind ties (insignificant expense) or link coordinators ($6 to $14, contingent upon the sort) to hold everything together in deliberate design. Unplug, detangle, and reorient your ropes in your convenient new association framework. At that point plug everything back in. That is it.

Ace Tip: Seeking progressively home office hacks? Look at our post on the IRS home office charge reasoning, at that point check with your duty counsel to decide if you qualify.

  • Try not to Overcharge Your Batteries

Oppose the compulsion to keep your versatile gadgets connected consistently. Not exclusively is this an unnecessary channel on your nearby power matrix, which means preventable swell for your service bill, but at the same time it’s effectively terrible for your gadgets’ batteries.

Pointless charging really hinders batteries’ regenerative abilities. A year or so on, or perhaps sooner, you’ll see a drop-off in your gadget’s capacity to hold a charge. It’ll in the end intensify to the point that you’ll need your charging string convenient – which means you won’t probably work or play online without an outlet adjacent.

Try not to charge until your gadget is all set. I hold up until my workstation gets down underneath 20%, for example.

Try not to Block Vents

  • Try not to Block the Vents

Like individuals, work area and smartphones to relax.

The usable guideline here is “don’t hinder the vents.” Just like individuals, machines need to inhale – however, for their situation, it’s to guarantee their inner parts stay cool enough to work appropriately. This is particularly significant when you’re soliciting a great deal from a superior machine, for example, a gaming PC. (Regardless of whether you’re not a gamer, gaming PCs have critical advantages – this article from Walmart Canada clarifies why you should utilize one for study hall assignments, for example.)

In the event that you have a work area, keep the pinnacle clear of any hindrances, similar to cupboards or dividers. In the event that it’s conceivable to do as such safely, lift it to guarantee great wind current on the two sides. For PCs, keep up a reasonable workspace free from mess that could discourage wind current – for example, papers or books. Intermittently watch that the fans are functioning too.

Regardless of what sort of gadget you have, keep up sufficient ventilation and sensible atmosphere control. You don’t need to impact the AC or leave the windows open in the winter, however setting the indoor regulator to 80 likely is certifiably not an extraordinary thought either.

  • Have Desiccant on Hand

You dropped your telephone in the can. Uh oh! What’s your best course of action?

With little faltering, a great many people unhesitatingly answer: “Place it in a container of rice!”

That is not the most exceedingly awful thing you could accomplish for your waterlogged telephone, yet it’s not the perfect fix either. Rice is just the best desiccant, or drying specialist, that a great many people have lying around the home. It’s not made for clearing water from touchy gadgets – it’s made for eating.

Things being what they are, there are items made explicitly to clean dampness out of gadgets. They’re usually known as desiccant sacks, and they’re shoddy – $7 for four 10.5 ounce packs on Amazon, every more than adequate to dry out a waterlogged telephone.

A considerably less expensive option: the little silica gel packs that come in many delivery boxes. Instead of tossing them out, gather out of this world in, taking consideration to store them some place youngster and pet-verification. You’ll require a few to dry out a dribbling telephone.

  • Ward off Magnets

Keep your home office – and your gadgets themselves – away from magnets, even the frail icebox sorts. Your hard drive is amazingly touchy to attractive fields of any quality.

On the off chance that you have to recollect sites or telephone numbers, use Post-it notes or computerized records. Keep magnets where they have a place – in the kitchen.

  • Be Careful With Unfamiliar WiFi Networks

Be careful about unbound WiFi arranges in coffeehouses, airplane terminals, inn entryways, and other open spots. Without essential system security, your PC is an exposed target – out there in the open for any programmer or digital criminal who has a craving for sending a malware bundle your direction. If all else fails, utilize a virtual private system (VPN) to encode your association and repulse assaults.

Professional Tip: If you don’t know you’re doing what’s necessary to defend your PC – or the individual data put away inside – look at our gathering of tips to ensure your security on the web.

  • Get a Phone Case and Screen Protector

I have an admission to make: I’ve never split a telephone screen. Regardless of whether that is down to karma, outstanding consideration, or a blend of the two, I don’t know.

I’m most likely in the minority on this one. My better half broken her last three screens, all under moderately everyday conditions. Telephones are flexible, yet not indestructible. Drop them the incorrect way and you’ll be living with the results.

The decision between obtaining a fresh out of the box new telephone or purchasing a defensive walled in area to redirect motor vitality is no decision by any means. Quality cases cost as meager as $30 new on Amazon, less expensive still at rebate sites and on the optional market.

Same for screen defenders. They’re considerably less expensive – as meager as $5 to $6 each, contingent upon screen size and width. While they won’t ensure against fierce effects, they’ll oppose scratching inconclusively under typical conditions.

Programming System Maintenance Tips

These tips spread gadgets’ equipment parts, working frameworks, memory, programming, and helplessness to outer dangers.

  • Close It Down Properly Every Night

Heat this into your daily practice. It just pauses for a moment every day, and it could draw out your gadgets’ life for quite a long time or years. It’s particularly significant for Windows machines, since Microsoft just fixes frameworks in shutdown mode.

Likewise, how you shut down issues. Stay away from “cold booting” your machine: holding down the power catch until the framework stop itself. That is for crises just – else, it just burdens your equipment and programming. Take the additional moment or two to close down the machine appropriately, utilizing your working framework’s shutdown catch.

Exchange Server Upgrades and Migrations

Exchange Server Upgrades and Migrations

Exchange Server Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrades and migrations for Microsoft Exchange Server can seem like a complex and difficult process. However in most cases a migration is able to follow a standard process, with only those special or unique characteristics of the Exchange Server environment likely to cause problems or require additional planning and effort.

The first thing to be aware of when planning your Exchange Server migration is that in-place upgrades of Exchange Server are not possible

For example, you cannot upgrade an Exchange Server 2007 server to Exchange Server 2010, or an Exchange Server 2010 server to Exchange Server 2013.

The reasons for this are that the server architecture and internal workings of Microsoft Exchange Server often change so much between major releases that upgrades would become perilous exercises that are nearly impossible to adequately test for. Instead, an Exchange Server upgrade from one version to another involves a migration of services and data from old servers to new servers.

The upgrade scenarios for Exchange Server are typically N-2. In other words, a version of Exchange Server can be migrated to from the previous two versions, but not from any older versions

For example, Exchange Server 2013 can be migrated to from Exchange Server 2007 and 2010, but not from Exchange Server 2003. An Exchange Server 2003 organization would need to first migration to 2007 or 2010 before they could migration to Exchange Server 2013.

For more information on some of the supported migration scenarios refer to the following resources:

  • Migrating to Exchange Server 2016
  • Upgrading to Exchange Server 2013
  • Exchange Server 2010 Migration

Exchange Server Pro has published a number of migration guides for Exchange Server migration scenarios:

  • Exchange Server 2010 to 2013 Migration
  • Exchange Server 2003 to 2010 Migration
  • Exchange Server 2007 to 2010 Migration

I’ve also produced a Pluralsight training course for Exchange Server 2016 migration:

  • Migrating to Exchange Server 2016 on Pluralsight

For the purposes of this article an “upgrade” refers to the process of moving your organization’s Exchange Server environment to a newer version, for example from Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange Server 2013.

If you are looking for information about upgrading in the sense of service packs or cumulative updates, please refer to the following resources instead:

  • Installing Cumulative Updates for Exchange Server 2016
  • Installing Cumulative Updates and Service Packs for Exchange Server 2013
  • How to Install Updates on Exchange Server 2013 CAS Arrays
  • How to Install Updates on Exchange Server 2010 Database Availability Groups

Alternatives to Exchange Server Migrations

For organizations that do not wish to upgrade their on-premises Exchange Server environment there is also the option to migration to Exchange Online, which is the cloud hosted version of Exchange Server that forms a part of the Microsoft Office 365 service.

Office 365 migrations can be performed in multiple ways. For an overview of the Office 365 migration scenarios, read my article on methods for migrating to Office 365 or download the white paper Email Migration to Office 365, which gives a comprehensive overview of hidden challenges and how to overcome them.

How to migrate from Exchange 2010 to Office 365

How is the movement from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 any not quite the same as different situations?

Initially, before Exchange 2010, there was no real way to make a Hybrid situation with Office 365. Additionally, Exchange 2010 is a standout amongst the most famous source servers. That is on the grounds that for organizations which have later server forms, it would be a disgrace to leave to the cloud presently, moderately not long after subsequent to conveying another Exchange discharge, and when the help is as yet accessible. At last, there are some extra advances you have to take when you move from Exchange 2010 to Office 365.

This article exhibits a short Exchange 2010 to Office 365 movement control, to tell you the best way to design this adventure. Also, how to make it simpler.

Local Exchange 2010 to Office 365 relocation

Trade 2010 is the most seasoned Microsoft-made letter box server to be incorporated into the Microsoft Exchange Server Deployment Assistant. That is uplifting news. The Assistant is an instrument which asks you inquiries and produces an Exchange to Office 365 movement plan. It incorporates a large portion of the mainstream movement situations. Remember that this device is implied basically for single-woodland, single-area conditions. In the event that you have a progressively unpredictable organization, plan for some mystery.

There are three local ways you can take to get your organization from Exchange 2010 to Office 365:

Cutover movement, which is the most direct choice. You could state it cuts letter drops from the source server and glues them in the objective condition.

Half and half sending, which empowers Exchange 2010 and Office 365 to coincide.

PST import – or the manual methodology.

Trade 2010 to Office 365 Cutover Migration

The cutover relocation is as basic as getting all clients from the source server and gluing them in Office 365. Sounds basic, yet there is substantially more to that. In another article, you can locate an itemized cutover relocation plan. Beneath, you can discover a few stages you have to take before you relocate letter drops from Exchange 2010 to Office 365.

In the first place, you have to set up your condition. The arrangement and arranging may take less time than the real movement, however, regardless it requires a great deal of consideration. Underneath, you can locate a short undertaking rundown for a cutover relocation.

Update your Exchange 2010 server to SP3. While it isn’t required, it is exceedingly suggested.

Before you play out the cutover relocation, you should debilitate catalog synchronization and bound together informing, on the off chance that they are turned on.

Empower and arrange Outlook Anywhere. In the most up to date Exchange Server seasons, this is finished of course. In Exchange 2010; in any case, you have to finish this progression all alone. To effectively design Outlook Anywhere, you have to introduce a trusted SSL endorsement and the RPC over HTTP segment on your server. You can test whether the setup went well by interfacing with your Exchange 2010 from outside of your system. This will be tried naturally when you associate Office 365 to Exchange 2010, however the manual test will spare you some conceivable issue later.

Dole out authorizations. There are sure authorizations you should dole out to the record utilized for relocation.

It is basic practice to utilize a committed client represent the movement, which has just the insignificant required authorizations doled out. The consents the moving record needs are ApplicationImpersonation and View-Only Configuration for the Exchange Server and Office 365. Furthermore, the objective Office 365 condition requires View-Only Recipients job and User the board chairman on the off chance that it is likewise in charge of re-making clients in Exchange Online.

Make a mail-empowered security bunch in Office 365. Something else, the movement administration can’t arrangement any relocated gatherings as security bunches in Office 365

Check your space in Office 365. It expects you to include a TXT record in your DNS zone.

Use Exchange Admin Center to make a relocation endpoint. The endpoint contains all the data important to interface your Exchange 2010 server to Office 365.

Make and begin the cutover relocation group. The bunch incorporates all letter drops and requires the relocation endpoint designed a stage previously. This is the moment that the real movement occurs. After the information move is done, it merits confirming if everything had gone well. You likewise need to dole out licenses to clients.

Presently for the post-movement cleanup, switch your space’s MX record to point to Office 365.

After the TTL passes, messages are steered straightforwardly to Office 365. You can erase your movement cluster and decommission the on-premises servers.

The relocation is less frightening when you see what you need to do on a rundown. All things considered, recall that the entire errand requires a great deal of work and time. It might likewise incorporate a few stages which have not been recorded previously. It is ideal to ponder the theme a long time before endeavoring the relocation.

Trade 2010 and Office 365 Hybrid

The Hybrid sending is a sort of relocation and the sky is the limit from there. It is a cutting edge way to deal with the organized relocation accessible for Exchange 2003 and 2007. Trade 2010 and Office 365 Hybrid is a situation where the on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online coincide. This technique is particularly valuable if there is a great deal of information to move and the procedure will undoubtedly take a ton of time. Half breed is the main local strategy accessible for movement of more than 2000 letter drops. Indeed, Hybrid is suggested for movement of 150 post boxes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

There are associations which don’t utilize the Hybrid sending as a middle of the road arrange, however as the last condition, which has clients disseminated to both on-premises and the online situations, contingent upon what every client needs.

The Hybrid condition is made utilizing a committed Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW). See this article for a well-ordered guide on the best way to utilize the HCW and take care of issues associated with conveying a half breed condition.

Movement by PST

The last local movement utilizes the Office 365 PST Import Service. The general thought is to fare Exchange 2010 post boxes to PST documents, and after that to transfer them into Office 365 association. This strategy requires an administrator to do some manual work. This incorporates making Office 365 condition for all intents and purposes without any preparation.

Sending out all letter drops to PST is best finished with PowerShell and New-MailboxExportRequest. For full guidelines on the most proficient method to play out a mass letter drop fare to PST, counsel this article. The PST records should be in a common letter drop or on a document server. From this area, you need to transfer them to the Azure stockpiling area and make a CSV mapping record. The PST Import administration utilizes the mapping document to import PST records to the correct client letter boxes.

Microsoft additionally offers an alternative to deliver physical drives to them, which expects you to duplicate PST documents to physical stockpiles and to send them to Microsoft. The expense for this administration is $2 per GB of information.

Local constraints

Every one of the above local strategies for Exchange 2010 to Office 365 relocation has a few disadvantages. The Cutover relocation is a win big or bust arrangement and isn’t prescribed for more than 150 post boxes. It additionally does not permit Exchange and Office 365 conjunction. The Hybrid arrangement takes a great deal of time, and you are probably going to experience a few obstructions. With Office 365 Import Service, I don’t have the foggiest idea where to start. PST documents are… old. PST Migration is neither programmed, nor quick or dependable. It is just a decent choice on the off chance that you don’t have much information to move and you wouldn’t fret reproducing your Exchange 2010 condition in Office 365 starting with no outside help.

There are likewise local restrictions which are basic for every one of the arrangements recorded previously:

In numerous means of the relocation, you should utilize PowerShell. Despite the fact that it is truly significant to realize how to utilize this ground-breaking scripting language, you need a specific capability level. Learning on the fly during this unpredictable procedure may be distressing for you and hurtful to the (server) condition.

For the best movement experience, you have to overhaul your servers to the most up to date form. It is prescribed to get your Exchange 2010 to SP3. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have not refreshed your machines, get ready for some support.

Personal time is unavoidable, particularly on the off chance that you need to move open organizers. You need some cautious arranging, particularly if the assets on your servers are utilized nonstop.

Sifting isn’t accessible. Neither Cutover nor Hybrid Migration can give you a chance to channel things that are moved to Office 365.

The impediments of local arrangements power numerous organizations to utilize outsider apparatuses for movement.

Trade 2010 to Office 365 movement – the easy way

The easy method to move Exchange 2010 letter drops to Office 365 is to utilize an Office 365 relocation apparatus:

The movement instrument introduced in the video is CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. This product changes the movement procedure from the manager’s bad dream to a simple and programmed involvement and empowers a few highlights which are not accessible in the local situations.

Here are a portion of the key highlights of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration:

Programmed design – the product gives an agenda of the movement prerequisites and setup errands and does the greater part of the manager’s work. For instance, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration consequently makes clients in Office 365 and allots the required administration jobs to the client playing out the movement.

Planning – you can design your movement occupations, plan them to keep running in picked time periods and disregard them. The program can consequently send you relocation reports to tell you how the change goes and when it is finished.

Progressed sifting alternatives – you can relocate picked gatherings of clients and even select to move just a portion of their things, in light of a period and organizer channel. This lets you, for instance, relocate just the latest messages and date-books, change to Office 365 and afterward move the more established things to the cloud.

Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Guide – While Keeping the Same Domain Name


This is the complete onboarding task stream for migrating mailboxes from one Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant.

Complete each step in the request listed. Links to corresponding Knowledge Base articles are given.

This guide is just valid if the domain name is staying the same at the Destination. If the domain name is changing, allude to the Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Guide – While Changing the Domain Name.

The MSPComplete section includes the steps to convey the Device Management Agent (DMA) to users. This is an Agent which includes modules for HealthCheck for Office 365 and DeploymentPro. Deploying DMA to end users is a prerequisite if you will be using HealthCheck for Office 365 and/or DeploymentPro. The steps for HealthCheck for Office 365 have been omitted from this guide because your end users are already using Office 365.

DeploymentPro can be utilized to configure the Outlook mail profiles after the migration.

Note: DeploymentPro is included with the User Migration Bundle license. DeploymentPro cannot be purchased as a standalone service license, and it cannot be added to the single-use mailbox migration license. If you wish to remotely configure Outlook mail profiles using DeploymentPro after a migration, purchase the User Migration Bundle license.

MigrationWiz now supports the capability to share migration projects across a Workgroup. Migration projects are never again tied to individual accounts, they are tied to Workgroups. At the point when Workgroup Administrators turn on the Project Sharing feature, all Agents besides those who are Inactive are able to see all migrations projects. For more information, visit Project Sharing in MigrationWiz.

Office 365 to Office 365 migrations that are keeping the same domain name differ from the standard approach followed in other migration guides, because Microsoft just allows a domain to reside in one tenant at a time. For this reason, the following extra steps are included in this guide:

Adding a recipient mapping, under Advanced Options, to guarantee that all email retains the ability to be answered to, post-migration.

Removing the domain from the Source tenant.

Verifying the domain on the Destination tenant.

The users should first be added to MSPComplete using the vanity domain name. A MSPComplete subscription can then be added to each user. Be that as it may, before beginning the migration, the user addresses should be changed to utilize the .onmicrosoft.com domain names at both the Source and Destination, rather than the vanity domain names.


There will be some email downtime with this migration because of the time required to remove the domain on the Source tenant and add it on the Destination tenant. This is because Microsoft just allows the same domain to exist on one Office 365 tenant at a time. Exchange Online Protection (EOP) can’t route email for the domain during the timeframe when the domain is removed from the Source tenant and added to the Destination tenant, assuming the MX record is pointed at EOP. This results in senders getting a non-conveyance report (NDR). Read the Move domains and settings from one EOP organization to another EOP organization TechNet article for options to line email during this time.

Utilization of RecipientMapping is always recommended but is mandatory if you delete the domain before you start your Delta migration pass.

Prepare the Source Environment

Create an administrator account in Office 365 to be utilized for migration, or utilize the global admin account for the tenant. Read the How would I create an administrator account in Office 365, and then utilize this during migration? article for more information.

Test mailbox access.

Note: Test access to the tenantname.onmicrosoft.com addresses, not to the domainname.com addresses. Make beyond any doubt that the tenantname.onmicrosoft.com account is attached to each mailbox in Office 365. As a matter of course, it should be attached, but if not, it will need to be added as an alias to each account. This can be done through the Office 365 admin portal or via PowerShell scripts. Read the How would I test mailbox access? article for more information.

Prepare the Destination Environment

Create an administrator account in Office 365 to be utilized for migration, or utilize the global admin account for the tenant. Read the How would I create an administrator account in Office 365, and then utilize this during migration? article for more information.

Set up accounts on Office 365 and assign licenses. These can be created in several ways:

Manually, one at a time. Read the Add users individually or in mass to Office 365 article from Microsoft for more information.

By mass import, via CSV file. Read the Add several users at the same time to Office 365 article from Microsoft for more information.

By PowerShell script. Read the Create user accounts with Office 365 PowerShell TechNet article for more information.

By DirSync, AAD Sync or AAD connect. Read the How would I synchronize my Azure Active Directory objects to Office 365? article for more information.

Using the BitTitan Sync Tool. Read the BitTitan Sync Program article for more information.

Test mailbox access.

Note: Test access to the tenantname.onmicrosoft.com addresses, not to the domainname.com addresses. Make beyond any doubt that the tenantname.onmicrosoft.com account is attached to each mailbox in Office 365. Naturally, it should be attached, but if not, it will need to be added as an alias to each account. This can be done through the Office 365 admin portal or via PowerShell scripts. Read the How would I test mailbox access? article for more information.

Prepare the tenant to send and receive large mail items. Read the How would I migrate large mail items to Office 365? article for more information.

MSPComplete Steps

Create the customer. Read the View, Add, and Edit Your Customers article for more information.

Create the Source and Destination endpoints. Read the View, Add, and Edit Customer Endpoints

article for more information.

For the Source endpoint:

Click Endpoints > Add Endpoint > Enter endpoint name > For endpoint type, select Office 365.

Click the Provide Credentials radio button, and enter the admin account credentials.


This should be a global admin account. If creating a separate admin account for the motivation behind migration, allude to the Office 365 section in the How would I create an administrator account for login? article.

You should utilize the tenantname.onmicrosoft.com address, for the admin account domain name.

For the Destination endpoint:

Click Endpoints > Add Endpoint > Enter endpoint name > For endpoint type, select Office 365.

Click the Provide Credentials radio button, and enter the admin account credentials.


This should be a global admin account. If you are creating a separate admin account for the motivation behind migration, allude to the Office 365 section in the How would I create an administrator account for login? article.

You should utilize the tenantname.onmicrosoft.com address for the admin account domain name.

Add users to your MSPComplete customer. From your MSPComplete customer dashboard, click Users > Add Users > Add Users Through an Endpoint (Recommended).

Apply a User Migration Bundle license to each user. From the Users tab, select all the users that you wish to subscribe, click the Apply User Migration Bundle License button, and confirm. Read the Apply User Migration Bundle licenses to the Customer’s Users article for more information.

Send DMA to users. Once DMA has been sent to users, check the Users tab in MSPComplete. This will be populated with the user accounts that have DMA installed. DMA can be sent by either of these options:

Via Group Policy Object (GPO).

Note: This is the recommended methodology because no closure user interaction is required. Read the How would I send the Device Management Agent with a Group Policy Object? article for more information.

Via email. Read the How would I send the Device Management Agent through email? article for more information.

DeploymentPro Steps

Launch DeploymentPro.

Go to All Products > Device Management, then click on DeploymentPro on the far left and pursue the prompts to launch.

Select a customer from the list by clicking on the customer name.

Note: The status column will show Enabled when a customer account has had DMA conveyed to users.

Configure customer DeploymentPro module:

Enter the Domain.

Select the Destination endpoint.

Checkmark the Auto-populate box.

In the Client Interface Configurations section, upload your company logo and add supporting text.

Note: We strongly recommend doing this, because this is the logo and text that end users will find in a desktop spring up when they are prompted to reconfigure their Outlook profiles. If you don’t upload your own logo, the default BitTitan logo will be included instead.

Save and continue.

Activate DeploymentPro module for users.

Either select all users (by putting a checkmark in the case to the left of the Primary Email column heading) or select the individual users (by putting a checkmark in the boxes to the left of the user email addresses).

Note: DeploymentPro is included with the User Migration Bundle license. DeploymentPro cannot be purchased as a standalone service license, and it cannot be added to the single-use mailbox migration license. If you wish to remotely configure Outlook mail profiles using DeploymentPro after a migration, purchase the User Migration Bundle license.

Click the Schedule Cutover button.

Schedule profile cutover date.

Set the date and time for the Outlook profile configuration to occur, and click the Schedule Cutover button.


The DeploymentPro module will install on user devices immediately and then run silently until this date.

The profile cutover date should be set to a date and time that is shortly after MX record cutover.

On the profile cutover date, users will be guided through the reconfiguration of their Outlook profile.

How to migrate mailboxes from one Office 365 tenant to another

This article explains how to migrate mailboxes and service settings from one Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant in a business-merger scenario

How to migrate mailboxes from one Office 365 tenant to another

If you have in excess of 500 users to migrate or a large amount of SharePoint data to migrate, it’s a smart thought to work with an Office 365 partner.

The scenario in this article is based on two fictional companies – Contoso.com and Fabrikam.com – using two separate Office 365 tenants. Contoso has purchased Fabrikam and is moving the Fabrikam users and data to the contoso.com Office 365 tenant.

Scenario: Migrate using a third party migration tool

This scenario assumes that user, gathering and other objects from the Fabrikam Company will be manually created in Office 365, imported into the portal via script, or converged into the Contoso Active Directory through Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) consolidation.

Whenever complete, all Fabrikam accounts will exist in the Contoso.com Office 365 tenant, and will all utilization @fabrikam.com for the UPN. The final addressing scheme was chosen for simplicity and brevity but can of course be modified to meet your requirements.

Planning: Two weeks before you migrate

If using a third party migration tool to migrate your users, purchase the needed licenses for your migration.

Client considerations

For Outlook 2010 or above, you just need to remove the Outlook user profile and create it again.

For Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, when you are restarting the client, auto-discover will configure the client and modify the .OST file.

For the skype for business client, once migration is complete, since the process creates a new profile, you will need to add contacts.

Tenant preparation and licensing

The source tenant is the Fabrikam Office 365 tenant from which you are migrating users and data. The target tenant is the Contoso Office 365 tenant to which you are migrating.

Increase licenses in Target Office 365 tenant to accommodate all mailboxes that will be migrated from the source tenant.

Create Administrator accounts in source and target tenants for use in migrating from Office 365 to another Office 365. Some migration tools may require more than one admin account in the source tenant to optimize the data throughput.

Room, resource, distribution gathering, and user object creation in the target tenant

To create the resources in the target (Contoso) tenant:

If the Azure AD Connect tool will be utilized to sync all objects from the Contoso Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), the objects from the source (Fabrikam) tenant AD DS must be created in the target tenant (Contoso) AD DS through consolidation.

AD DS consolidation can be done using various AD DS tools. Consolidation can take extra time and planning depending on what number of objects are being moved, so it can be completed ahead of the migration project.

Verify that all new users and groups are synced to the Contoso.com target tenant via directory synchronization. The objects should appear as user@contoso.onmicrosoft.com in the new tenant since the Fabrikam domain has not been moved over at this time. The primary email address for the users and groups can be updated to @fabrikam.com after the domain move is complete.

If directory synchronization will not be utilized, or if any Rooms, Resources, Groups or Users are managed in the Microsoft 365 admin center of the source tenant; these objects must be created in the target tenant. Objects can be created manually in the Microsoft 365 admin center or for larger numbers import a CSV file by using the mass add feature in the Microsoft 365 admin center, or by using Windows PowerShell.

End-user communications

To communicate the migration to the end users in your organization:

Create a communication plan and begin to notify users of the upcoming migration and service changes.

After migration, the Auto-Complete List (also known as the nickname cache) will have to be cleared on all Outlook clients. To remove all recipients from your Auto-Complete list in Outlook 2010 later, see Manage suggested recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes with Auto-Complete.

Make users aware of how to connect to Outlook Web App with their new sign on information in case they have an issue after migration.

Preparation and pre-migration activities: Three days before you migrate

Domain preparation

To prepare the domain for migration, complete the following steps.

Begin domain verification process on target (Contoso) tenant for the Fabrikam.com email domain.

In the contoso.com Microsoft 365 admin center, add the Fabrikam.com domain and create TXT records in Domain Name Systems (DNS) for verification.

The verification will fail because the domain is still in use in the other tenant.

Performing this step presently will allow the DNS record time to propagate as it can take as long as 72 hours. Final validation will occur later in the process.

Migration scheduling

To schedule the migration:

Create master list of user mailboxes you want to migrate.

Create mailbox mapping .CSV file for the third-party migration tool you are using. This mapping file will be utilized by the migration tool to match the source mailbox with the target tenant mailbox when migration occurs. We recommend that you utilize the *.onmicrosoft.com ‘initial’ domain for mapping the source accounts since the custom email domain will be constantly changing.

Mail exchanger record (MX record) time to live (TTL) test

Next, you’ll schedule the TTL test.

In DNS, change the TTL value on the MX record for the primary email domain you wish to transfer to a small number (for example 5 minutes). If the TTL cannot be brought down to 5 minutes, make note of the lowest value. Example, if the lowest value is 4 hours, the MX record will have to be changed 4 hours before your migration begins.

Mx Lookup can be utilized to verify MX and DNS changes.

Disable directory sync in source tenant

In the source tenant Microsoft 365 admin center, disable directory sync. This process can take 24 hours or all the more so it must be done ahead of the migration. Once disabled in the portal, any changes to the source tenant AD DS will never again sync to the Office 365 tenant. Adjust your existing user and gathering provisioning process accordingly.

Migration: The day you migrate

These are the steps you’ll need the day you perform the migration.

MX record change – Stop inbound mail stream

Change your primary MX record from Office 365 to domain that is not reachable, for example “unreachable.example.com”. Internet mail servers attempting to convey new mail will line the mail and attempt redelivery for 24 hours. Using this method, some email may return a non-conveyance report (NDR) depending on the server attempting to convey the email. If this is an issue utilize a MX record backup service. There are many third party services that will line your email for days or weeks. Once your migration is complete, these services will convey the lined mail to your new Office 365 tenant.


If your TTL is short, for example, five minutes, this step can be done at the end of the work day to cause less disruption. If you have a larger TTL, you must change the MX record ahead of time to allow the TTL to lapse. Example, a four hour TTL must be changed before 2 PM if you plan to begin migrations at 6 PM.

Verify your MX and DNS changes if necessary. Nslookup or a service like MxToolbox can be utilized to verify MX and DNS changes.

Source tenant preparation

The primary email domain, fabrikam.com, must be removed from all objects in the source tenant before the domain can be moved to the target tenant.

If you had also set up your domain with a SharePoint Online public website, then before you can remove the domain, you first have to set the website’s URL back to the initial domain.

Remove all Lync licenses from the users in the source tenant using Lync admin portal. This will remove the Lync Sip address connected to Fabrikam.com.

Reset default email addresses on Office 365 source mailboxes to the initial domain (fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com).

Reset default email addresses on all Distribution Lists, Rooms and Resources to the initial domain (fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com) in source tenant.

Remove all secondary email (proxy addresses) from user objects that are still using @fabrikam.com.

Set default domain in source tenant to fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com routing domain (in the admin portal, click your company name in the upper right corner).

Use Windows PowerShell command Get-MsolUser – DomainName Fabrikam.com to retrieve a list of all objects that are still using the domain and blocking removal.

For common domain removal issues, see You get a blunder message when you try to remove a domain from Office 365.

Target tenant preparation

Complete the verification of the Fabrikam.com domain in the contoso.com tenant. You may have to wait one hour after removing the domain from the old tenant.

Configure auto-discover CNAME (internal/External) optional.

If you are using AD FS, configure the new domain in target tenant for AD FS.

Begin mailbox activation in the contoso.com tenant > Assign licenses to all of the new user accounts.

Set the Fabrikam.com email domain as the primary address on the new users. This can be done by selecting/editing multiple unlicensed users in the portal or by using Windows PowerShell.

If you are not using the password hash sync feature, pass-through authentication or AD FS, set password on all mailboxes in the target (Contoso) tenant. If you are not using a common password, notify users of the new password.

Once mailboxes are licensed and active, transition the mail routing. Point the Fabrikam MX record to Office 365 target (Contoso) tenant. At the point when the MX TTL expires, mail will begin to stream into the new empty mailboxes. If you are using a MX backup service, you can release the email to the new mailboxes.

Ways to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365

Your association can relocate email to Office 365 from different frameworks

Your directors can Migrate post boxes from Exchange Server or Migrate email from another IMAP-empowered email framework. What’s more, your clients can Have clients import their own email their own email, contacts, and other post box data to an Office 365 letter box made for them. Your association likewise can Work with an accomplice to relocate email.

Before you begin an email movement, survey points of confinement and best practices for Exchange Online to ensure you get the exhibition and conduct you expect after relocation.

See Decide on a relocation way or Exchange movement counselors for assistance with picking the best choice for your association

Another choice accessible to help you with your email relocation is FastTrack Center Benefit for Office 365. FastTrack authorities can enable you to design and play out your movement. For more data, see Data Migration.

Relocate letter drops from Exchange Server

For relocations from a current on-premises Exchange Server condition, a head can move all email, timetable, and contacts from client letter drops to Office 365.

There are three kinds of email relocations that can be produced using an Exchange Server:

Relocate all post boxes without a moment’s delay (cutover movement) or Express movement

Utilize this kind of movement in case you’re running Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, or Exchange 2013, and if there are less than 2000 post boxes. You can play out a cutover relocation by beginning from the Exchange administrator focus (EAC); see Perform a cutover movement to Office 365. See Use express movement to move Exchange letter boxes to Office 365 to utilize the Express relocation. You may also seek the help of managed services for your computer troubles.


With cutover relocation, you can climb to 2000 post boxes, however because of period of time it takes to make and move 2000 clients, it is increasingly sensible to move 150 clients or less.

Move post boxes in clumps (organized relocation)

Utilize this sort of movement in case you’re running Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007, and there are more than 2,000 letter drops. For an outline of organized movement, see What you have to think about an arranged email relocation to Office 365. To play out the relocation errands, see Perform an arranged movement of Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2007 to Office 365.

Relocate utilizing a coordinated Exchange Server and Office 365 condition (crossover)

Utilize this kind of relocation to keep up both on-premises and online letter drops for your association and to step by step move clients and email to Office 365.

Utilize this sort of relocation if:

You have Exchange 2010 and more than 150-2,000 letter drops.

You have Exchange 2010 and need to move letter drops in little clumps after some time.

You have Exchange 2013.

For more data, see Plan an Exchange Online half and half sending in Office 365.

Use Office 365 Import Service to move PST-records

On the off chance that your association has numerous huge PST records, you can utilize the Office 365 Import Service to relocate email information to Office 365.

You can utilize the Office 365 Import Service to either transfer the PST records through a system or to mail the PST documents in a drive that you get ready.

For guidelines, see Office 365 Import Service

Relocate email from another IMAP-empowered email framework

You can utilize the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) to relocate client email from Gmail, Exchange, Outlook.com, and other email frameworks that help IMAP movement. When you relocate the client’s email by utilizing IMAP movement, just the things in the clients’ inbox or other mail envelopes are moved. Contacts, logbook things, and undertakings can’t be relocated with IMAP, however they can be by a client.

IMAP relocation likewise doesn’t make letter drops in Office 365. You’ll need to make a letter drop for every client before you move their email.

To move email from another mail framework, see Migrate your IMAP letter drops to Office 365. After the email relocation is done, any new mail sent to the source email isn’t moved.

Have clients import their own email

Clients can import their own email, contacts, and other post box data to Office 365. See Migrate email and contacts to Office 365 to figure out how.