Because of the advancement of technologies, we should not have to wait on the phone for half an hour or even try to decipher the support instructions from a rep who cannot even speak English, just because you have to solve your tech issue. Tech support is indeed really important because when you buy a product, you will have to have great tech support which will be there for you no matter what. Most companies actually offer 24/7 tech support because they have understood that it is one of the most important parts of a company.

A bad tech support call can feel like one endless session with someone you do not like, except your dentist or that person will not continuously keep putting you on hold whenever you ask them a question that they do not want to answer. When they do that, you will have to listen to some bad music. Most of us will indeed dread making those calls because we have actually had such a bad time, but you should know that there are few companies that do indeed do customer service properly. You should know which companies have good customer service and you should also know which will be of good service to you no matter what.

I will actually give you an example. I actually used to have an iPhone X, and it actually fell down and shattered. I felt as broken as the glass because I really care about my devices and take care of them with a lot of passion. Well, I did contact the customer services for Apple Inc, and to my delight, they were actually really responsive, and they really did help me out.

I was put on hold for literally just 10 seconds, and I was diverted to another representative who dealt with repairs. They even gave me an appointment the very next day in the nearest Apple Store, near my house. So when I went there, I was greeted, and my iPhone was literally fixed in a matter of days. I was even given a loaner when my phone was in the store. When I saw such amazing customer service, I realized there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are a company. Here they are.

  • You should always be available for your customers.
  • Make sure that you have a call-back system.
  • Your support staff should all be fluent in English, a language that most people know.
  • You should never get stuck on a script.
  • You can use screen sharing.
  • You should make it easy for them to find your number.
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